Project: RESET

We are living in a time that nobody could have imagined.  The whole world is under the pressure of the uncertainty of COVID-19.  Livelihoods all around the world have changed, people have had to make sacrifices and the routine and structure of family life as we know it has plunged into chaos.

Project RESET is an initiative of Auscare Day Services based on the Sunshine Coast in QLD.  We understand the need for stability, routine and structure and we are passionate about supporting people in our community to get through this time.

Project RESET aims to help restore the livelihoods of families who are or who have loved ones living with disabilities.

Auscare Day Services can support you to use your NDIS funding where you need it most:


  • Assisted support options to allow you to catch your breath and know your loved ones are in safe hands.
  • Short Term Accommodation options for up to 2 weeks.


  • Support during learning from home
  • Hands on learning experiences with experienced staff, using at-home experiences (like cooking, gardening and play) for learning experiences


  • Learning and building on skills around the home
  • Simulated community experiences to foster skill learning opportunities


  • Supporting exercise in the community
  • Creating fun active experiences to build on fitness and movement


  • One on one reading support, tutoring and teaching support.
  • Creative, practical applications of learning concepts using ADS’ extensive resources.


Auscare Day Services are committed to supporting our community during this time, and we are striving to be as flexible as possible to provide the supports you need for your family.


Please get in touch with us to let us know the difficulties you are facing at the moment – ADS will help you get the support you need.

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