Population: ONE. A powerful story of insight into the mind of someone with Autism

Tyler McNamer was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2, but instead of accepting the label of ‘disability’, Tyler sees his autism as an extraordinary ability.  He sees the world differently, and has the ability to process things and ideas in a completely new way.

“I’ve been blessed to have autism my entire life… I actually call it awesome’ism.”  

Throughout his life, Tyler has been ridiculed and bullied by his peers and in the community.  He was told by professionals that he shouldn’t expect to reach any of his goals.  However, Tyler didn’t let the ridicule break his spirit.  He kept striving and working hard, helping the people around him to see the world as he saw it.

Tyler wrote his book ‘Population ONE: Autism, Adversity and the Will to Succeed’ so that those without autism could have a deeper understanding of how people with autism think and process information.  His book gives readers a front row seat into his life and mind and his special way of looking at the world.

Tyler wants to use his knowledge to help educate others.  Wanting to give back and support others with Autism, he hopes his experience will help others to ‘find their voice’ as well.

Tyler says that he is “on a mission to help people understand Autism … to overcome the label that many with autism have suffered with for years”.

“I stand for those who do not have a literal voice. I know what it’s like to not be able to speak.  Join me on my mission to help all people co‐exist together as a Population of One.”

To find out more about his book or to buy a copy of your own and start gaining an understanding into the mind of someone with autism, check out his website.  

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